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Alpaca are the first domesticated animal in the world; also called “gold from the Andes” from Incas, its origins are dated far back, more than 4000 years ago. Originally from Perù, from 2001 you can find a breeding farm also in Mount Amiata.

Alpacas were so much appreciated that old civilizations conferred them an almost magical status quo. Too small to be used as pack animals, they were breeded just to get wool, incredibly warm and soft, also known as “Wool of Gods”; infact just the emperor, his family and the most important members of the court could wear it.

Alpaca has always been a prestigious animal, fulcrum of Inca’s entire economy: the more alpacas one had the richer. Considered in danger of extinction after the Spanish invasion, as of today breeding farms are all over the world.

Mount Amiata boasts one of this breeding farm thanks to Riccardo and Rossella, lovers of nature and animals, take care and protects this fascinating exemplar.

Their farm may be visited and with a careful guide you can live an unforgettable experience.

To know

Suitable for Children

Admission Fee

  • Visit is available all year round
  • From Monday to Friday. It is possible visiting during the weekends only upon reservation
  • Duration is about 1 hour
  • Free admission up to the age of 8
  • The reduced-price ticket of 3,00 euros is reserved to kids between 8 and 12 years old
  • During the visit you will be guided personally by the owners
  • Inside the estate you can find a small shop with handicrafts made with the wool of the alpaca ‘flock’
  • Outdoor shoes or comfortable closed shoes are recommended
  • It is recommended to leave the car along the road about 200 mt before arrival where Riccardo and Rosella will pick you
  • +39 0564.959010