Harvesting chestnuts and mushrooms is one of the most ancient tradition of Mount Amiata.

Chestnut trees have always been an essential resource for the economy and livelihood of people of Mount Amiata.

In ancient times and still today chestnuts are collected and eaten fresh or transformed in delicious derivatives. They have always been a representation of the essential and traditional mountain diet. The production process has developed during the years but Chestnut of Mount Amiata, recognized as an IGP product, is still the cornerstone of local culture. In autumn there are many festive events connected with the chestnut culture.

During this period there is no best thing to do than going in the woods and harvesting chestnuts and mushrooms.

Some farms open the doors to tourists willing to try this experience: walking down the woods you can collect chestnuts with experts, people that has always grew this product and can illustrate to you how it was processed during ancient times. Chestnuts may be bought depending on the weight. Some farms offer guests a buffet to get to try what locals eat and bake out of mountain fruits.

We suggest this experience because it is a beautiful way to reconnect directly with nature, families and locals.

To know

Suitable for Children

Available upon request

  • Fall season
  • During the weekends in autumn several feasts and events are organized
  • Conctsc us to organize an harvesting experience within Mount Amiata
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