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Pozzo Garibaldi - Abbadia San Salvatore

Monte Amiata Mining Park Museum

An emotional visit, in the company of an old miner telling you stories about the living in Amiata during the mine époque. The visit include the itinerary inside the museum and the visit to the underground mine gallery by old train.


Facciata Abbazia San Salvatore

The San Salvatore Abbey

A magical and capturing place, where you may breath the history and the beauty of one of the most fascinating Tuscany towns: the San Salvatore Abbey. Visit the Church with its evocative underground crypt and the related Museum of Sacred Art.


Scale nel centro storico di abbadia san salvatore

Historic Centre of Abbadia San Salvatore

Antique trachyte arches highlight accesses to ‘Castel di Badia’, the old town of Abbadia San Salvatore. It is a well-preserved example of mounted castle that show how much the Abbey of San Salvatore was powerful in the Middle Ages.


Parco della Peschiera a Santa Fiora

Santa Fiora: Pearl of Amiata

Whitin the Mount Amiata towns, Santa Fiora is the most romantic one with its historic centre and Peschiera Park. Once on dependency of the control of the San Salvatore Abbey, it became a strong and rich village during the Aldobrandeschi Era.


"Ombelico" Giardino Daniel Spoerri

Village of Seggiano and the Daniel Spoerri Garden

The centre of Seggiano was built in the early 10th century as a possession of the abbey of Abbadia San Salvatore, on the slopes of Mount Amiata. The area is perfectly suited for a pleasant stroll up to the hill, surrounded by noble olive trees and enriched by the open air contemporary exhibition by the artist Daniel Spoerri.


Arcidosso di notte

Arcidosso Castle

The old town centre perched all around the Aldobrandeschi Castle, give us the opportunity to discover fascinating glimpses around the valley. An interesting place to visit for whom is looking for a peaceful location and a characteristic of the time of “encastellation” of rural settlement.


Merigar arcidosso

Tibetan Centre of Merigar

Literally “Residency of the fire mountain”, symbolically “energy house”, the Tibetan Centre of Merigar West deals with the study and with the oldest teachings of the Tibetan spiritual culture.


Vista Radicofani

Radicofani Fort

Visit the enchanting hamlet of Radicofani and the caste of Ghino di Tacco, the famous medieval bandit, mentioned by Dante and Boccaccio in their eminent writings and enjoy one of the best view on Mount Amiata and Val d’Orcia.