About us

One incoming tour operator with three quality hotels; a booking website, one tourist destination; your reference for traveling around Mount Amiata and Southern Tuscany; This is H3 Amiata Network.

One incoming tour operator, three quality hotels

We are a network of companies consisting of three hotels and one tour operator of Mount Amiata born to provide booking and incoming services in the tourism field both for Italian and foreign markets. Our specialization is organizing tour and holidays for groups and individuals in Amiata and Southern Tuscany.

Taking advantage of our long experience in the hotels management and incoming organisation, we work under the name Booking Amiata which is the one and only online for promoting and selling Mount Amiata and South Tuscany tourist services.

We operate in the BtoB market offering customized solutions for organized trips but also in the BtoC market through our bookingamiata.com web portal which offers the possibility to book tailored holiday personally created directly online.

A booking portal

The aim of the project is twofold. Firts to provide the user a unique booking platform for Mount Amiata and its surroundings; secondly to give visitors the opportunity to personalize their own holiday with accommodation and side activities directly online, before getting in the area.

Perfectly in line with new trends, the great innovation that distinguishes the project is to give the traveler the opportunity to create his own tailor-made vacation online, allowing him to choose and buy not only hotels and apartments but also individual activities to be carried out during the stay; throughout booking-amiata.com you may book rooms but also services such as day trips, dinners, guided tours, museum tickets, taxi-drives, tastings, etc … so as to build your own personalized experience.

A tourist destination

The other aspect that distinguishes us is the continuous work of networking among local companies to group accommodation facilities and services of the area under a unique label with the primary objective of presenting Mount Amiata as one tourist destination for groups and individuals and to give the customer an exclusive reference on the territory for tailored-made holidays in Amiata and Southern Tuscany.

Your reference for travels and holidays on Mount Amiata and Southern Tuscany

The mountain as a park, the mountain as a resource; culture, traditions and hospitality, all under the same name, beyond boundaries.

This is H3 Network, this is Booking Amiata.