Monte Amiata, a protected volcano today by the Tuscan Region, was the Etruscan’s sacred mountain.

Between the mountain and its surrounding land there has always been a strong bond, not only with geographical nature, but also its historical and social characteristics that are deeply rooted from ancient times. A magical attraction, between its neighbouring valleys and its resources, that the great volcano nurtures its warm welcome.  A mystical energy that leaves the area and its population that live here in a state of reliance towards the Mount and its wealth it has to offer.

The Etruscans called the Amiatina mountain ‘Mons Tuniatua’, hence, putting in evidence a clear sacred designation: Tinia, or Tunia was in fact the principal Etruscan god, and a devotional attribution was very usual at the mountain summit, which were to appear as hypothetical residences of the gods object of the cult: a Sacred Mountain.

The heights represented by the peak of Amiata and the mountainous and hilly landscape of the Val d’Orcia have always represented privileged places of worship and places of divinity, for the sacredness of the woods, proximity to the celestial sphere of the high and often snowy peaks, the many springs of water that flow from them, like the Fiora, creating navigable and productive waterways, the warm of the volcano that today still lives on under the mountain.

This, then, is what we propose, a journey through these mystic lands, discovering the mountain resources of woods, minerals, the water, so that you can perceive the spirituality and the sacredness of these antique places.

  • Day 1

    Arrival Day

    Pick-up and arrive at the hotel in Monte Amiata.

    Guided walk towards the Vetta Amiata – the Sacred Mountain Summit. An experience certainly not to be missed to connect to the Nature and become aware of the Sacredness of this solitary mountain.

    Then, back to the hotel for dinner based on local produce of the territory and the local wine.

  • Day 2

    Sacred rites and red cinnabar

    Guided excursion trough the wood towards the village of Abbadia San Salvatore.

    Guided visit to the Abbey of San Salvatore and its striking underground crypt. The particular altitude of the site compared to the settlements of lumberjack and hunters and the findings of materials characteristic from the Etruscan era, highlighting how the place was subject of particular rituals already in ancient times.

    Followed by a typical lunch.

    After lunch, guided tour of the Mining Museum Park of Abbadia San Salvatore with access to one of its galleries with a vintage train.  The park is what remains of the great industrial revolution that Monte Amiata lived through in the second half of the 1800‘s when it became the most noted centre in Europe for producing Mercury.  Nevertheless the mining of cinnabar on Monte Amiata dates back to ancient times: we know that the Etruscans used the Amiatino cinnabar mainly as a colouring earth for paints.

    After the visit, back to the hotel by taxi and dinner

  • Day 3

    The mountain of waters

    There are several stories that still tell us about water and sources on Amiata; all these stories tell us that Amiata is the mountain of water par excellence. The volcanic Mount in fact has always had the characteristics of having a huge presence of pools and sources of pure and above all portable water.

    Guided excursion in the shade of the beech trees towards the picturesque village of Santa Fiora. Along the way  there will be points of historical interest.

    Once in Santa Fiora, guided tours of the historic village, with  “Peschiera” (the Fish Pond) that collects the waters of the “Fiora” and the adjoining church of the  Mondonna delle Nevi” with the transparent floor under which the river flows.

    To follow lunch in a small typical restaurant.

    After lunch departure.

  • 2 nights half board in one of our hotels in Mount Amiata with dinner based on typical products and drinks (including water and ¼ of wine)
  • Pick-up from the station Chiusi Chianciano Terme Station to the hotel and back
  • Pick-up at Abbadia San Salvatore to return to the hotel (Day 2)
  • 3 HD Environmental hiking guides
  • 2 lunches in typical restaurants
  • All the guided tours mentioned in the program and entrance fees to museums and parks


Price per person

  • The price is given for 2 people in a double room occupancy;
    Discounts available for groups.
  • Tourist Tax, not included in the price; to be charged at check-out.
  • The proposal is valid all year long;
  • For Reservation
    Contact us at info@bookingamiata.com
  • Insurance not included in the price