• Air, fresh water, woods, hot springs and medicinal plants.

The clear air and fragrant, springs and streams at high altitudes, the leaves of the trees. The thermal baths and several swimming pools. The slow passage of time, the rhythm marked by church steeples, the cycles of harvesting and curing of the wood. The paths in search of medicinal herbs and wild orchids.

Monte Amiata has an abundant supply of fresh water. Two of its springs supply the provinces of Siena, Grosseto and Viterbo. Other hot springs rise from deeper within the volcano and feed several thermal spas: Bagni di San Fillippo, Bagno Vignoni, Saturnia, Petriolo and  San Casciano in the beautiful Val D’Orcia.

The woods are another of Amiata’s features. First in Italy to receive a certificate for sustainable forest they represent the quality and value of local products to people’s notice and create a direct link between the product and the environment. Monte Amiata is also rich in medicinal plants which grow more profusely than anywhere else.

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