• To care for and understand the horse, an animal that has always given friendship and affection...Experience the delights of Monte Amiata.

Amiata is an ideal place for equestrians. Its numerous pathswhich wind towards the mountain or towards the valleys and the nature reserves offer many divers opportunities. And the existence of riding stables in the area means that we can offer guests high quality tours.

The leisurely clopping of hooves follows you faintly on the long rides which take you forgotten places. Whether going along a dry riverbed, along the leafy carpet of the woods, or following the paths in the Park (catching glimpses of the sea sparkling in the far distance), the horse is sure footed and looks after its rider.

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Passeggiate a cavallo nei sentieri del monte amiata

Riding on Monte Amiata

7 Nights – Different rides go through varied landscapes; the beech woods on Amiata, the lusher countryside down in the valleys, the scrub on Monte Labbro.