• Orienteering, the sport of nature...

A mixture of activity sport and the pursuit of cultural and countryside interests. If you love nature, try orienteering and improve your life!

Orienteering is a sport for everyone, regardless of age or experience. The competitive athlete can experience the exhilaration of running through the woods at top speed, while the non-competitive orienteer can enjoy the forest at a more leisurely pace. Most events provide courses for all levels–from beginner to advanced.

The sport is also a game for children, where they have the opportunity to learn about geographic, maps, flower, threes, animals, and science.

Mount Amiata an ancient volcano offers a lot of starting points for activities in every season, summer, fall, winter and spring in a fascinating territory. Beech woods, old volcanic rocks, tracks, old chestnut houses, villages, ecc is surrounding us in Monte Amiata and is therefore a idealistic spot to enjoy orienteering, mountain biking, trekking and horse riding.

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