Reconnect with nature guided by a faithful travelling companion: the horse. This animal is particurarly smart and strong, understand him and taking care of him its a great experience in Mount Amiata.

Mount Amiata is the perfect location for horse trekking lovers, both for beginners and experts. The mountain is surrounded with equestrian centres providing professionalism and competences, granting high-quality facilities, servicies and staff. The surroundings offers scenic horseback riding tours, accompaigned by horse stumping, you will discover hidden sites, walking along the dry stream or going through the dense carpet of leaves of the undergrowth, inbetween paths where you might see the sparkling light of the see.

To know

Suitable for Children

Indoor or Rainy day activity

In rainy days we discourage outdoor horse riding; it is anyway possible to get indoor horse riding lessons, suitable for beginners.

Admission Fee

  • Available all year round upon reservation
  • There are several stables on the nearby. Contact us for information and reservations.
  • Introductory lessons for beginners
  • Lessons, excursions rides depending on your training level
  • +39 0564.959010