Mount Amiata is a paradise within Southern Tuscany where nature, culture and history merge together. Know since the Etruscan times for its natural resources, it is full of picturesque angles that are worth visiting. Water is one of treasures of Mount Amiata: from the hot waters of volcanic hot springs to the fresh waters of the many rivers rolling down from the top.

Visiting the rivers’ sources is for sure an activity to suggest. There are interesting walks that can be done like the visit to Ermicciolo aqueduct that brings waters until the city of Siena or to the Fiora underground sources.

The lovely walks that lead to the Amiata’s spirngs are full of picturesque views where you may find ancient buildings dating back to the middle ages, naturalistic angles and small natural pools where the smell of the forest and the music of waters offer a charming background.

In addition, because of its volcanic origins, Mount Amiata offers hot spring natural pools and special trails to visit the volcanic activity such as the CO2 trail. These paths can be taken with the guidance of experts that will show you hidden places not allowed for free entrance.  Please contact us for further information about these tracks.

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  • River Vivo water spring (upon reservation)
  • River Fiora underground springs (upon reservation)
  • Peschiera di Santa Fiora (Old fish farm)
  • Trekking tours around the River Vivo waters
  • Trekking tours around the River Vivo waters
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