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Mount Amiata is an ancient Volcano that stands lonely in Southern Tuscany surrounded by some of the most beautiful valleys such as Orcia and Maremma.

Because of its unique position and geological features, Amiata has always been a special place already at the time of the Etruscans that used to worship it as the Mother Mountain, source of wealth and wellness. Nowadays Mount Amiata is a precious place, a huge open air museum, where nature, art and culture meet and happily merge.

In fact, there are 13 areas that are protected in order to preserve their environment, flora and fauna such as the Pigelleto Park and the Monte Labbro Reserve.

It is worthy the visit to the Monte Amiata Wildlife Park, inside the Monte Labro Reverse. The Park offers an exclusive window to the wild life and nature of the Mountain: it is crossed by paths where animals can be observed in their genuine aptitudes. It extends over 200 hectares and it is used for studying the protection and preservation of several local species such as the wolf and some ungulates which live in semi liberty within the park.

It is possible to visit parks and reserves autonomously or with the guidance of an expert that will tell you about the history and culture of Amiata.

See the right box to get detailed information about the Wildlife Park of Mount Amiata.

To know

Suitable for Children


Partially accessible. It is possible to reach the reception center for the visit to the donkeys, the educational center and the restaurant area. Paths and tracks inside the park are not accessible by wheelchairs.

Admission Fee

  • The Wildlife Park of Mount Amiata is open any day but Monday
  • From 7.30 am to sunset
  • The duration of the visit is up to the visitors within the opening time
  • Free unattended parking area
  • Free camper area with water fill service and dump stationand
  • Within the Wild Park of Mount Amiata there is a food courts
  • Free entrance for children younger then 5 years old
  • Discounts for groups available
  • Trekking tour to the Mount Labro Reserve and David Lazzaretti ruins
  • Wear comfortable clothes for outdoor activitie and comfortable shoes for walking outdoor
  • It is recommended to check the weather to organize the excursion at best, being the park open-air.
  • +39 0564.959010