The historic city of Orvieto has ancient origins dating back to Etruscan times.

First settlements are from the IX century BC, located inside caves obtained from cutting into the tuff cliff on which today rises this Umbrian town. Destroyed by the Romans was rebuilt in medieval times so that today we can admire its fourteenth-century
original splendor.

A city rich in history and vicissitudes that are found in historic buildings, arches and glimpses of his villages.

Among the tops visit attractions, you can certainly not miss the beautiful Cathedral, considered a masterpiece of Italian Gothic architecture and full of art work preserved over the centuries and the Underground City, the scenic route between the cavities excavated by the inhabitants over the centuries, full of pits and caves surreal atmosphere.

The visit to the town of Orvieto is thus presented as an exciting dive into the past, between different periods, historical characters and secular traditions.

  • The old centre with the Cathedral
  • Sant Patrizio well
  • Underground city
  • May/June – Corpus Domin Festival
  • For further information Tourist Information Office in Orvieto – +39 0763 341772