Small rural burghs, villages and medieval fortifications arose nearby where Etruscan-Roman towns used to be.

Towns like Pigliano, Sovana and Sorano have substantial evidence of ancient Etruscan settlements carved in the tuff rocks of volcanic origin that characterize the area.The area is like a book carved in the stone that tells stories and vicissitudes of the people who have succeeded in the history: the limestone cliffs are crossed by a thousand caves, tunnels, tower-houses and streets like the Vie Cave, excavated by the Etruscans for providing a secure path. The area certainly has a great landscape value. In particular, Pitigliano built on a tufa rock seems to melt on this, by offering an extremely impressive view, almost surreal.

The visit begins in the small village of Sorano with a visit to the Etruscan necropolis dating back to 400 BC: along the ancient Vie Cave, a walk of about 20 minutes, you reach the village to admire as the fascinating structure of the houses and the castle blend together into a single structure.

Afterwards, we move to Pitigliano, a town with a history and a unique landscape where the past meets the present and the medieval architecture mingles with the Renaissance overhanging seamless Etruscan caves carved into the stone. The impression it gives Pitigliano, lying on its cliff crescent-shaped, isolated millenary erosion of three rivers that flow around, is that of a town suspended in a vacuum.

We suggest to have lunch in a typical restaurant in the old town where you cannot miss a tasting of the famous White of Pitigliano DOC. In the afternoon visit to the Palazzo Orsini, the heart of the medieval Pitigliano, centre of the Aldobrandeschi family events in the Middle Ages. During the excursion you will not miss a stop in the “Little Jerusalem”, the Jewish part of Pitigliano.

Perfectly blended in the surrounding landscape with a compactness that at first sight is almost impossible to distinguish man-work from nature, Pitigliano with its surroundings is undoubtedly one of the most charming places of Maremma.

  • The old villages of the tuff area: Pitigliano, Sorano, Sovana, Saturnia
  • Medieval forts and buildings
  • Etruscan necropolis
  • Juish district in Pitilgiano
  • Walking along the Vie Cave (etruscan hollow ways)
  • Thermal water
  • Area of production of Pitigliano white wine DOC
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