Whitin the Mount Amiata towns, Santa Fiora is the most romantic one with its historic centre and Peschiera Park. Once on dependency of the control of the San Salvatore Abbey, it became a strong and rich village during the Aldobrandeschi Era. Many buildings belong to that time such as the beautiful Pieve (Parish) church where the glazed terra-cottas by Luca and Andrea della Robbia are preserved. It was during this period that Santa Fiora even minted its own coinage. After the demise of the Aldobrandeschis in ‘500, Santa Fiora declined rapidly in importance, so much that today we see it as it was 500 years ago.

During the visit we shall stroll through the picturesque streets down to the Parco della Peschiera – built in the ‘700 in order to collect the waters of the River Fiora and transformed into the Count’s fish pond for breeding trout under the Sforza family. There you can visit the little church of the Madonna delle Nevi which is built over the spring of the river Fiora or continue until the Fiora aqueduct along a pleasant walk that leads to the underground gallery.

Santa Fiora with its historic centre and namesake river is a town that worth visiting.

To know

Suitable for children

  • The old medieval centre
  • Parco della Peschiera (old Count’s fish pond)
  • 30 December – Fiaccolata around the old centre
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