Literally “Residency of the fire mountain”, symbolically “energy house”, the Tibetan Centre of Merigar West deals with the study and with the oldest teachings of the Tibetan spiritual culture.

The uniqueness of Mount Amiata surroundings contribute in creating a particular atmosphere around this singular centre. It hosts some of the sacred site of the spiritual tradition such as Gampa and Stupa and represents one of the most important Dzogchen centre in Europe.

Surrounded by the mountain, stands in a special centre of energy, already identified as a prime location of mystic trends and religions, which gave much importance to the history of Mount Amiata.

Within the centre it is located the Great Contemplation Temple, entirely built out of natural materials and hand painted by volunteers.

The Tibetan Merigar Centre is worth discovering and visiting.

To know

Suitable for children

Indoor or Rainy day activity

Admission Fee

  • The Gompa and Stupa Temples
  • Have a wlak around Merigar West area
  • Visit the MACO Museum as well
  • Rich calendar of practices, courses and events
  • For further information – +39 0564 968110
  • +39 0564.959010